Верещагина, Притыкина 4 класс. Student’s book. Part 2. Урок 37

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Прочитайте слова и угадайте их значение. Кто угадал все значения? Кто лучший?
Хобби, коллекция, собирать, тема, тематический, специалист, специальный, популярный, факт, металл.
Посмотрите на картинки и назовите, что вы видите. Посмотрите на картинки еще раз и скажите, какого цвета вещи на картинках.
I can see seven different stamps.
I can see four coins.
I can see three badges.
The stamps are grey, orange, brown, green, yellow, pink and blue.
The coins are silver and gold.
The badges are blue, orange and grey.
а) Выразите свои сомнения.
1. Does anybody know your collection of stamps?
2. Is your collection of badges famous and popular all over the world?
3. Have you got silver coins from all the countries?
4. Have you got two million stamps in your collection?
5. Have you got a very expensive collection of old pictures?
b) He согласитесь.
1. Nobody knows your collection of stamps.
2. Your collection of badges isn’t famous and popular all over the world.
3. You haven’t got silver coins from all the countries.
4. You haven’t got two million stamps in your collection.
5. You haven’t got a very expensive collection of old pictures.
Составьте предложения о своей семье и друзьях, которые были бы правдой.
My mother is fond of growing flower.
My father is fond of reading hooks.
My grandparents are fond of collecting stamps.
My uncle is fond of listen to music.
My cousin is fond of making cakes.
My friends are fond of travelling by car.
Маленький Джон прочитал текст о хобби и совсем его не понял. Вот как он понял текст. Могли бы вы поправить его?
1. A hobby means something you like to do in your free time.
2. Collecting stamps is popular with people of all ages.
3. Collecting stamps can teach you many interesting facts about history and famous people.
4. People usually begin to collect every kind of stamps, but soon they begin to make special collections.
5. Sometimes collectors specialize in one subject.
6. Thematic collections are very popular.
Посмотрите на картинки в Упражнении 3 и напишите ответы на вопросы.
1. I can see three square stamps. They are grey, orange and brown.
2. The theme of the square stamps is cars.
3. There are three Russian stamps.
4. The collection of badges is thematic. Its theme is cities.
5. There are two silver coins.
6. The coins are from Russia and the USA.
Составьте существительные из глаголов.
collect – collector – collection
translate – translator – translation
decorate – decorator – decoration
travel – traveler
speak – speaker
teach – teacher
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