Биболетова Enjoy English – 5-6 класс – Часть 7 – Рабочая тетрадь

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Реши кроссворд по теме “Моя семья”. Угадай, кто — любимый родственник Дэвида.
1) Cousin;
2) niece;
3) husband;
4) aunt;
5) wife;
6) parents.
David’s favorite relative is sister.
Прочитай и сделай, как в примере.
1) Му sister is 20. Му elder brother is 14.
My sister is six years older than my brother.
My elder brother is six years younger than my sister.
2) Our mother is 42. Our father is 45.
Our mother is three years younger than our father.
Our father is three years older than our mother.
3) My father’s mother is 70. My father is 45.
My grandmother is twenty-five years older than my father.
My father is twenty-five years younger than his mother.
4) My uncle is 37. His wife is 36-and-a-half.
My uncle is half a year older than his wife.
My aunt is half a year younger than her husband.
Помоги своей старшей сестре написать список гостей на ее свадьбу.
List of guests
Parents: my mother, my father, my husband’s mother, my husband’s father.
Grandparents: my father’s father, my father’s mother, my mother’s father, my mother’s mother, my husband’s grandfather, my husband’s grandmother.
Relatives: Uncle Tom, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Ann, Aunt Barbara, Brother Sam, Cousin Helen.
Friends: Ann Black, Steve Smith.
Прочитай слова в транскрипции. Запиши их.
Wash; aunt; nephew; relation; female; cousin; relax; relative; knife.
Her niece’s dress; our family’s car; his cat’s feeding time; the bird’s wing; wild animals’ park; the visitors’ tickets; endangered animals’ habits; Mrs. Smith’s watchdog; the great actor’s joke; famous people’s life-size figures.
Соедини слова и описания.
Mother — a female parent; father — a male parent; sister — a female relative with the same parents; brother — a male relative with the same parents; aunt — the wife of an uncle; cousin — the son or daughter of an uncle or aunt; niece — the daughter of a brother or sister; nephew — the son of a brother or sister.
Запиши дни рождения 5 своих родственников.
Му mother’s birthday is on the twenty-sixth of July.
My father’s birthday is on the thirtieth of May.
My brother’s birthday is on the eighteenth of October.
My uncle’s birthday is on the first of September.
My aunt’s birthday is on the fourth of January.
Найди существительное в каждой строке.
1) Focus;
2) equivalent;
3) forest;
4) family;
5) north.
Задай 7 вопросов к письму Дианы.
1) Has Diana answered Cheryl’s letter sooner?
2) What holiday is she getting ready for?
3) Has Diana got many relatives?
4) Has Diana got an elder sister or brother?
5) How old is Diana’s nephew?
6) Is Diana’s niece older than Diana’s nephew?
7) Will Diana be busy next week?
Напиши ответ Шерил на письмо Дианы. Расскажи, как Шерил готовится к Рождеству.
13 February 2010
Dear Diana,
Thank you for your letter. It was so good to hear from you. It was interesting to know how you were preparing for Christmas. I am sure you want to know what Russian people do before Christmas. We celebrate Christmas on the seventh of January. It is one of my favourite holidays. I like to decorate Christmas tree and our house. We usually make funny toys to decorate the tree. On the seventh of January my mother cooks a special dinner. Our family gets together for the day. We play games, sing and dance a lot. If you visit us next year you will take part in Christmas party.
Love, Cheryl.
Напиши адрес Дианы.
Diana Woodgriff
7, Walton Street
Заполни пропуски.
Get along with — ладить c;
get ready — быть готовым;
get presents — получить подарки;
get a letter — получить письмо;
get rid of — избавляться;
get up — вставать.
Play the piano — играть на пианино;
play tennis — играть в теннис;
play jokes — шутить;
play sports — заниматься спортом;
play computer games — играть в компьютерные игры;
play with a ball — играть с мячом.
Переведи с русского на английский.
1) Му father gave up smoking last year.
2) “Do you take part in tennis competition?” — “No, I don’t.” — “I have given up playing tennis recently.”
3) Tom gets along well with all his relatives.
4) Do you want to get rid of your old books? — Bring them to the school library.
5) Next week we shall have a big concert of school musicians. Please get ready for it.
Используй please, если это необходимо. He забудь о заглавных буквах и запятых.
1) Please phone me at 7 o’clock in the evening.
2) Please don’t ask me silly questions.
3) A cup of tea, please.
4) Please come back home as soon as possible.
5) Could you buy a ticket to the theatre, please?
6) One orange juice with ice, please.
7) Please don’t tell my secret to anybody.
Дай три возможных кратких ответа. Запиши их.
1) Have you read any novel by J.R.R. Tolkien? — 1) Not, yet; 2) No, I haven’t; 3) Yes, I have.
2) Have you finished doing your home exercise? — 1) Not, yet; 2) No, I haven’t; 3) Yes, I have.
3) Have you got ready for your test? — 1) Not, yet; 2) No, I haven’t; 3) Yes, I have.
Дополни и продолжи диалог между друзьями, которые собираются в путешествие на лодке.
— Have you decided where to go? — Yes, I have.
— Have you bought bread? — No, I haven’t.
— Have you taken warm socks? — Yes, I have.
— Have you bought sugar and meat? — Yes, I have.
— Have you taken warm sweaters? — No, I haven’t.
— Have you phoned your relatives? — Not yet.
— Have you got ready for the trip? — Yes, I have.
Запиши вопросы.
1) What has he seen?
2) Why have you phoned me?
3) What have you eaten?
4) When did she start?
5) What did he broken?
6) What have they decided?
7) When has James arrived?
Прочитай список обязанностей. Если хочешь, продолжи список. Запиши обязанности мальчиков и девочек.
For boys: to wash up, to make the bed, to walk the pet, to clear up after lunch, to help in the garden, to take out the rubbish, to do your homework, to sweet the floor, to go shopping.
For girls: to wash up, to set the table, to make the bed, to walk the pet, to clear up after lunch, to help in the garden, to do your homework, to water the plants, to go shopping.
Докажи высказывание: “Родители должны подавать хороший пример своим детям”.
1) Parents should get up at 7 o’clock in the morning.
2) Parents should play sports twice a week.
3) Parents should go for a walk with their children.
4) Parents shouldn’t watch TV too much.
Напиши, о чем ты любишь говорить с другими людьми.
1) I would like to talk about my school subjects with my classmates.
2) I would like to talk about sports and games with my friends.
3) I would like to talk about music with my mother.
4) I would like to talk about pets with my sister.
Соедини слова и их описания.
Caring — being responsible for something;
hospitable — being friendly with guests;
conservative — not liking changes, careful;
close — near in relationship;
different — unlike, not of the same kind.
Соедини глаголы с предлогами.
То give up; to get rid of; to wait for; to clear up; to wash up.
To get up; to get on; to look after; to look at; to be fond of; to depend on.
Вставь глаголы в правильной форме.
1) Look! Little Jimmy is trying to sweep the floor.
2) I washed up yesterday. Today it’s your turn.
3) My father usually walks our dog in the morning.
4) Have you taken the rubbish? — Not yet.
5) Steve will set the table for lunch tomorrow.
“Must” (должен) или “should” (следует)?
1) You must take medicine in time.
2) They should learn English better.
3) People must save endangered animals.
4) Everyone in our family must clean his room.
5) Should I open the window?
6) It’s very frosty today. You shouldn’t go out. You are sick.
7) Jason! It’s you turn today. You must take out the rubbish.
8) Daddy! Should I help you in the garden this weekend?
Выбери правильный предлог.
1) Don’t take it, please. It’s the dress of our guest. She prepared it for the evening party at school.
2) My elder brother gave up smoking last month.
3) I must get up at 6 o’clock in the morning.
4) How does your nephew get along with his parents?
5) We would like to talk with our Science teacher after lessons.
6) Who takes out the rubbish in your family?
7) Why didn’t you wash up after the dinner?
Составь список своих обязанностей по дому.
I like to do and I do: to wash up, to walk the pet, to help in the garden, to go shopping.
I don’t like to do but I do: to make the bed, to take out the rubbish, to sweep the floor, to water the plants.
Запиши четыре комплимента своим родителям.
Mum, how beautiful you are today!
Dad, how clever you are!
Dad, how elegant you are today!
Mum, what a nice dress you are wearing!
Прочитай слова. Найди те, которые обозначают еду. Выпиши их.
Tea, pizza, biscuit, sandwich, cheese, cake, sausage, pudding, pie, roll, bun, salt, salad, meat, juice, butter, chips.
Просмотри текст “Сластена”. Ответь на следующие вопросы. Запиши свои ответы.
1) Yes, they have.
2) We mean that they like eating sweet things like puddings and pies, jams, bisquits and buns, cakes and rolls.
3) Eat-a-sweet time for the British is any time.
4) They eat sweets at work, at school, at home, on a car journey, in the cinema or theatre.
5) The British eat even more sweets than they usually do on Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and other special days.
Вставь some / any.
1) Have we got any cheese at home? — No, there isn’t any.
2) There was some juice in the glass.
3) Could I have any tea, Mum?
4) Take some butter and put it on the slice of bread.
5) There isn’t any ice-cream on the plate.
6) Would you like any more milk?
Подпиши картинки.
A bottle of water; a piece of meat; a loaf of bread; a slice of cake; a bar of corn; a tin of chocolate; a glass of milk.
Подготовься ко дню рождения своих младших сестры или брата. Составь вопросы.
1) How much bread have you bought?
2) How many guests have you invited?
3) How many meat sandwiches have you made?
4) How much salad have you prepared?
5) How many slices of bread have you cut?
6) How many kilos of apples have you bought?
Запиши рецепт приготовления твоего собственного салата. Используй: to chop; to mix; to put; to peel; to add.
Bright salad
1 tomato; 1 cucumber; 2 boiled eggs; 3 radishes; 1 onion; 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise; salt.
Chop the eggs into small pieces. Chop the onion and add to the eggs. Wash the tomato, the cucumber and the radishes. Peel the cucumber and chop it into small pieces. Chop the tomato and the radishes into small pieces. Mix the cucumber, sliced tomato, radishes, onion and aggs together. Add some salt and mayonnaise.
Подпиши различные виды фаст-фуда.
A tin of “Coca-Cola”; a cup of coffee; some slices of sausage; a glass of milk; a piece of cheese; a bowl of pop-corn; a glass of apple juice; a packet of chips; a sandwich.
Запиши различные виды фаст-фуда, для приготовления которых исходный продукт полностью изменяется.
Ice cream is made from milk, sugar, butter and fruit.
Cheese is made from milk, butter and cottage cheese.
Omelette is made from milk, eggs and salt.
Chips are made from potato and salt.
Выбери правильный предлог.
1) The monument is made of stone.
2) Russian borsch is made from cabbage, potato, beetroot, onions.
3) My warm coat is made from wool.
4) What is your T-short made from?
5) What are you going to make sandwiches of?
6) What is this cake filling made from?
Запиши свое мнение о фаст-фуде.
Advantages: tasty; nice; easy to cook; various.
Disadvantages: unhealthy; contains a lot of calories; contains a lot of sugar.
Объедини здания и слова в рамочках.
1) A detached house;
2) a terraced house;
3) a castle;
4) a block of flats;
5) a palace;
6) a semi-detached house.
Выбери два здания и подбери 5—7 прилагательных для их описания.
The semi-detached house is big, old, rich, beautiful and comfortable.
The palace is old, beautiful, big, wonderful, ancient, historical.
Задай 5 вопросов к выражению: At the moment Mr. Philpoll lives not far from the centre of London.
1) At the moment Mr. Philpoll lives not far from the centre of London, doesn’t he?
2) Who lives not far from the centre of London at the moment?
3) Does Mr. Philpoll live near or far from the centre of London at the moment?
4) Where does Mr. Philpoll live at the moment?
5) With whom does Mr. Philpoll live not far from the centre of London?
Вставь предлоги.
Mrs. Blake is a Londoner. At the moment she lives not far from the centre of London. She has a nice house of her own. She has a semi-detached house of a yellow colour. There is a nice garden at the back of the house and a flowerbed at the front. Mrs. Blake lives in a residential area with lots of similar houses. It’s very closed to Hyde Park.
Напиши несколько слов о месте и доме, в котором ты сейчас живешь.
I live in a semi-detached house. Our flat is neither big nor small. It has two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet and a hall. Our living-room is big. There are a lot of flowers on the windowsills. There is a table in the middle of the room. There are four chairs near the table. You can see a new TV-set on the right of the table. There is a big beautiful carpet on the floor.
My room is not big but very cosy. There is a wardrobe near the wall and a desk near the window. My bad is at the left corner. I like my room very much because it is my own.
Our kitchen is not very large but light. It’s very well equipped. We have got a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a coffee maker and a toaster. In evenings we like to have tea and have rest in it.
Вставь home или house.
1) How many rooms are there in your house?
2) The British say “home sweet home”.
3) Where is the kitten’s house? — I’m afraid, it’s homeless.
4) At home I like to listen to the pop-music when I am alone.
5) What’s your home town? — Novgorod.
6) What kind of a house have you got: terraced or detached?
7) Mr.Baskerwill lived in an ancient big house before his death.
8) My home is a place where I relax and rest.
Напиши 3 предложения о своем будущем доме.
1) Му house should have a garden at front of it.
2) My house should be not big but comfortable.
3) My house should have a nice living-room.
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