Биболетова Enjoy English – 5-6 класс – Часть 6 – Рабочая тетрадь

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Прочитай слова по транскрипции. Запиши их.
Project; world; natural; giant; wild; endangered; already; society; light.
Подпиши животных на картинках.
An elephant; a shark; a horse; a duck; a panda; an eagle; a giraffe; a fly; a butterfly; a dolphin; a camel; a penguin; a rhino; a bee; a zebra; a snake.
Реши головоломку. Найди животных и птиц.
Hen; cow; shark; zebra; monkey; dolphin; dog; rabbit; duck; snake; camel; rhino; leopard; crocodile.
Посмотри на картинку из упражнение 2. Какие животные дикие /домашние / вымирающие?
Wild: shark; panda; dolphin; camel; giraffe; snake; elephant; eagle; penguin; rhino; zebra.
Domestic: horse; duck.
Endangered: panda; rhino; eagle.
Переведи с русского на английский.
1) There are a lot of endangered animals in the world.
2) Did you join any zoological society?
3) There are more than 4000 kinds of insects in London Zoo.
4) Do you want to fight against cruelty to animals?
5) Who saved this sailor? He fought face to face with a shark.
Вставь слова.
Have you ever been to the zoo at feeding time? I was there last Sunday. It was so interesting to watch the animals. As usual the monkeys were full of fun. Big birds were stretching their wings and flying down to their food. Two dolphins jumped out of the water to catch their fish. Baby lions had a fight for their meat. The elephant looked hungry and I shared my orange with him.
Вставь слова: Mr, Madam, Sir.
1) — Hello! Can I speak to Mr. Jones?
— Just a minute, Madam.
2) Sir Winston Churchill was a famous English politician. He was the Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War II and from 1951 — 1953.
3) — Waiter, I can’t eat this soup!
— OK, Madam. Here is another bowl of soup.
— Waiter, but I can’t eat this soup!
— Why, Madam? It’s very good.
— Because I have no spoon!
Объедини слова. Запиши 5 предложений с любыми словосочетаниями.
То listen to; to look at; to be fool of; to be famous for; to be rich in; to be proud of; to be tired of; to be different from.
1) Listen to me, please.
2) The art gallery is famous for this picture.
3) My parents are very proud of my sister.
4) The monkeys are full of fun.
5) Paris is different from Moscow.
Найди международные слова в тексте “Лондонский зоопарк”. Выпиши их. Добавь другие международные слова, которые ты знаешь.
Exotic — экзотический;
leopard — леопард;
special — специальный;
polar — полярный;
zebra — зебра;
giraffe — жираф;
park — парк;
director — директор;
problem — проблема;
zoological — зоологический;
роеm — стихотворение, поэма;
museum — музей;
manager — менеджер.
Вставь глаголы в правильной форме.
Dear Cathy,
Do you like hedgehogs? We do. Yesterday we visited Hedgehog Hospital at Prickly Ball Farm. We saw, taught and learnt a lot of interesting things about these funny animals. You have two hedgehogs in your garden, don’t you? Then you should leave some bread and milk for them at night.
At the farm we also fed little lambs, watched baby animals, took care of the little pony, rode donkeys and even collected eggs.
In the afternoon we had delicious cakes and tea in the Whole Hog Cafe. This visit was full of fun. Have you ever been there?
Next time we will take you with us.
Lots of love
From Alice and Ann.
Выбери любое высказывание. Придумай историю. Почему, как ты думаешь, здесь приводится такое высказывание?
b) When the cat is away the mice will play. — Мыши резвятся, когда кота нет.
Once upon a time there lived a cat. He lived in a big house. A lot of mice lived in the kitchen of his house. The cat liked the mice only as a food. The mice wanted to eat, to have a rest and to play in the living room. One day the cat went for a walk. The mice were very glad. They went to the living room and began to play there. When the cat returned he saw a lot of mice on his armchair. He was angry and shouted at the mice. The mice were afraid went away. They decided to be careful and to play only in the kitchen when the cat was out.
Объедини слова с противоположным значением. Запиши пары слов.
То agree — to disagree;
to stand — to sit;
to be like — to be different;
to forget — to remember;
to be right — to be wrong;
to give — to take;
to put on — to take off;
to zip — to unzip;
to talk — to keep silence;
to begin — to stop.
Задай вопросы к предложению: At Whipsnade you will learn and understand how to save endangered animals.
Where will you learn how to save endangered animals?
What will you understand at Whipsnade?
Whom will you save at Whipsnade?
Which animals will you learn to save?
What will you learn about?
Will you learn about how to save endangered animals at Whipsnade?
You will learn and understand how to save endangered animals, won’t you?
Объедини слова и описания.
Zoo — a place where animals live. People can look at them and study them.
Park — a place with grass and trees, usually in a town. People go there to relax or enjoy themselves. Animals — all living things except plants.
Circus — a group of people and animals who travel to different places to give shows. There you can see clowns and wild animals such as lions, tigers and elephants.
Earth — the planet we live on.
Найди глагол в каждой строчке.
1) Fight;
2) miss;
3) discover;
4) sing;
5) stay.
Составь предложения. Запиши их.
Crocodiles live in the rivers.
Camels live in the deserts.
Eagles live in the mountains.
Whales live in the seas and oceans.
Sheep live at a farm.
Horses live in the country.
Dolphins live in the seas and oceans.
Hens live at a farm.
Monkeys live in the trees.
Pandas live in the forests.
Sharks live in the seas and oceans.
Rhinos live in the zoo or at the rivers.
Tortoises live in the seas and oceans.
Вставьте слова и словосочетания из рамочки.
Dear boys and girls!
Welcome to Panington Zoo, one of the oldest and largest of England’s parks. Our Zoo was founded in 1923. We have more than hundred kinds of wild animals. About 70 endangered animals live at the Zoo now. We save the living things and give them the future they deserve.
Look at the Chilean flamingos! They are stretching their beautiful wings. Watch out! Here are Midas and Jamna, our pair of lions.
You can join our Volunteer Team who work all around the Zoo. They take care of our zoological park.
Welcome to Panington Zoo! It’s worth visiting. Your visit will be full of fun.
Выбери правильный предлог.
1) I’m so tired of doing Maths. Let’s go for a walk.
2) Who is sitting in front of us?
3) Arnold Schwarzenegger has lots of friends all over the world.
4) Watch out! There are a lot of dangerous insects in the jungle.
5) Mrs. Wilson regularly takes her watchdog to the vet.
6) Our kittens are full of fun and they eat a lot.
7) Would you like to join our society? We fight against cruelty to animals.
Запиши, что ты можешь увидеть в зоопарке.
The bears are playing. The tigers are fighting. The dolphins are swimming. The birds are flying. The monkeys are climbing.
Реши кроссворд. Найди название исчезающего животного.
1) Wolf;
2) horse;
3) Africa;
4) lion;
5) eagle.
The name of an endangered animal is whale.
Вставь глаголы в правильной форме.
1) Ann joined the Royal Society for the protection of birds last year.
2) There will be less than 300 animals in the wild next year.
3) Let me introduce Linda Silvester to you.
4) Watch out! The cat is fighting with the dog!
5) She usually feeds lions and tigers at 12.15 p.m., elephants at 2.00 p.m.
6) Have you ever been to the zoo?
Выбери правильный глагол.
1) We have finished our work. It’s time to have a rest now.
2) In the last Science lesson students wrote a very difficult test.
3) We have done this exercise. Give us the next one.
4) I can’t eat anymore. I have eaten too much.
5) Eight Russian sportsmen have become world champions lately.
6) I have lost my key. Can you help me to open the door?
Прочитай глаголы. Выпиши их в три колонки.
[t]: walked, finished, stopped, asked, watched.
[d]: played, cleaned, traveled, climbed, answered, joined, repaired.
[ɪd]: created, counted, decided, invited, invented.
Составь предложения в Present Perfect. Запиши их.
We have just come home.
She has seen her teacher lately.
They have met their friends at school.
Mrs. Fox has taken her pet to the vet.
A little baby has drunk some milk.
1- Things you have done today:
1) I have done my homework.
2) I have learnt a poem by heart.
3) I have written a letter to my grandparents.
4) I have bought some bread in the shop.
2- Things you did yesterday:
1) I played tennis yesterday.
2) I listened to music yesterday.
3) I read an interesting story yesterday.
4) I helped my mother about the house yesterday.
3- Things you haven’t done today:
1) I haven’t repaired my parrot’s cage.
2) I haven’t watched TV.
3) I haven’t cleaned my room.
4) I haven’t gone to the theatre.
4- Things you didn’t do yesterday:
1) I didn’t go for a walk yesterday.
2) I didn’t do my homework yesterday.
3) I didn’t play computer games yesterday.
4) I didn’t visit my friend yesterday.
Переведи с русского на английский.
1) “Has she drunk her juice?” — “No, she has not.”
2) “Have you found your exercise-book?” — “Yes, I have.”
3) “Has Bob washed his hair?” — “Yes, he has.”
4) “Has Mr. Brown got a letter from his son yet?” — “No, he hasn’t got it yet.”
5) “Have you listened to this music yet?” — “Yes, I have.”
6) “Have you ever been to Scotland?” — “Not yet.”
Составь предложения.
1) The housewife has already cleaned the room.
2) Students have just arranged the date and the time of the meeting.
3) The monkey has just climbed the tree.
4) The artist has already drawn the picture.
Какие вопросы обычно задают твои учитель, родители и друзья? Запиши их.
Your teacher:
Have you finished your exercise?
Have you done your homework?
Have you written the sentences?
Have you translated the text?
Have you cleaned your room?
Have you washed the floor?
Have you learned English?
Have you visited Granny?
Have you been to the theatre?
Have you seen this film?
Have you heard this song?
Have you played this computer game?
Посмотри на картинки. Ответь на вопросы. Запиши ответы.
1- What hasn’t happened in the picture yet?
The monkey hasn’t taken the ice-cream yet.
The boy hasn’t given his ice-cream to the monkey yet.
The boy hasn’t eaten his ice-cream yet.
The monkey hasn’t thanked the boy yet.
2- What has already happened in the picture? The boy has already given his ice-cream.
The monkey has already thanked the boy.
The monkey has already taken the ice-cream. The boy has already taken the banana.
Реши кроссворд. Составь слово из обведенных букв.
1) Hamster;
2) fish;
3) cat;
4) tortoise;
5) dog;
6) parrot;
7) rabbit;
8) guinea.
Ключевое слово: friend.
Дополни интервью о домашних питомцах.
Correspondent: Hello, Miss Carey. Can I ask you a few questions?
Miss Carey: Hello. Yes, please.
Correspondent: Have you ever had any pets? Miss Carey: Yes, I have had a kitten recently. It was my birthday present. I have got it in my bag.
Correspondent: It’s lovely! What is its name?
Miss Carey: Sherry. It’s a nice name, isn’t it?
Correspondent: Yes, very nice. Could you tell me any more about Sherry?
Miss Carey: Oh, I’m afraid. I have just heard a strange noise behind you!
Correspondent: Oh, look! Sherry has just fallen my tape-recorder. It’s ruined.
Miss Carey: I’m sorry!
Найди прилагательное в каждой строчке.
1) Independent;
2) obedient;
3) loving.
У тебя есть домашнее животное? Напиши, чем твой питомец сегодня занимался, а чем — нет.
I have got a pet. It is a little dog. Its name is Bars. My dog has eaten meat today. It has drank some water. Bars has run a lot. But it hasn’t go for a walk today. My dog hasn’t slept. It hasn’t play with my sister.
Вставь артикли, где это необходимо.
The Potters have three pets. Their cat Pussy is white. Pussy likes to watch the moon in the evening. Polly, their parrot, is the cleverest pet. Polly can speak English. Polly is from South America. The third pet is a tortoise. Pussy and Polly like to play with the tortoise. The Potters and their pets live in London, in New Street.
Напиши о людях, у которых живут такие питомцы.
People who have a hamster should be caring, loving and tidy (because their pet is small).
People who have a dog should be caring, responsible and friendly. They mustn’t be cruel.
People who have a cat should be loving, under-standing and careful.
People who have a goldfish should be tidy, caring and responsible.
People who have a horse should be friendly, strong and understanding.
Переведи с русского на английский.
1) The sisters have bought the special food for their parrot.
2) They fight against cruelty to animals.
3) Will you join the Zoological Society of our town?
4) Yesterday Jack took his dog to the vet.
5) Look! They are playing with their pets.
6) I am going to clean the cage. Will you help me?
Запиши историю. Используй картинки упражнение 43.
One day Mr. Smith visited his old friend. He was surprised to see a puppy in his friend’s flat. The puppy’s name was Spot. Mr. Smith was not interested in pets. But Spot was full of fun. He tried to help his master. He listened to the friends and enjoyed their talk. Mr. Smith liked the puppy very much. They became real friends.
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