Биболетова Enjoy English – 5-6 класс – Часть 6 – Домашняя работа

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Запиши слова во множественном числе.
Man — men;
child — children;
wolf — wolves;
woman — women;
dress — dresses;
insect — insects.
This wing — these wings;
this society — these societies;
that shark — those sharks;
this animal — these animals;
this scientist — these scientists;
that fish — those fishes;
that project — those projects;
that eagle — those eagles.
Вставь пропущенные слова. Используй 10 слов или предложений из списка, данного ниже.
Three months ago I joined the Zoological Society of London. I decided to join the society because I want to help endangered animals.
I believe that every living thing has the right to live. All over the world many people are trying to save animals and birds, insects and fish from death. They organize Wild Animals’ Parks where scientists watch the animals and their young.
Найди лишнее слово.
1) Eagle;
2) bear;
3) kangaroo;
4) crocodile.
Дополни предложения.
The funny monkeys are climbing.
The big one is jumping.
The bees are flying.
The shark is swimming.
The little bears are playing.
Заполни пропуски.
1) The elephant is the biggest land animal.
2) Monkeys are more sociable than giraffes.
3) These baby monkeys are more curious than those ones.
4) A dog is a man’s best friend.
5) I think dolphins are the cleverest animals in the world.
6) Horses are more beautiful than camels.
Запиши свои предложения, используя глаголы.
а) 1) Не always finishes his work at 5 p.m.
2) I finished reading of the magazine last week.
3) I haven’t finished my homework yet.
b) 1) I often forget his books.
2) My brother forgot my grandmother’s address.
3) I have forgotten to read this text.
Вставь have или has.
— The bird has just stretched its wings.
— Have you ever been to our local zoo? — Of course, I have.
— My schoolmates have already joined the scientific society.
— These women have visited the famous Wild Animals’ Parks. Tomorrow they’ll tell us about their visit.
— Has the monkey eaten your sweets? — Yes, it has and it really enjoyed them.
Задай вопросы. Начинай вопросы со слов в скобках.
1) Melissa has just fed her baby sister. — Whom has Melissa just fed?
2) I have already been to London. — Where have I been already?
3) The scientists haven’t finished their experiments yet. — What haven’t the scientists finished yet?
4) He has got several animals at home. — Who has got several animals at home?
5) Alex and Jim watched these little ones because they were too weak to survive on their own. — Why did Alex and Jim watch these little ones?
Напиши предложения.
1) I’m going for a walk. The weather is fine now. — The rain has stopped.
2) Tom is riding his bike. He is happy. — He has repaired his bike.
3) My two friends go to the zoo on Sundays. They clean the cages. — They have joined the Zoological Society.
4) He is a famous scientist. — He has done a lot for endangered animals.
5) Next weekend they’ll go to Vladimir. — They haven’t been there.
Напиши предложения, используя already или just.
1) Don’t forget to take your puppy for a walk. — I’ve just taken my puppy for a walk.
2) Shall I help you with your homework? — I’ve already done my homework.
3) Don’t forget to clean the parrot’s cage. — I’ve just cleaned the parrot’s cage.
4) Why don’t you join the Zoological Society? — I’ve already joined the Zoological Society.
5) Would you like to buy a good watchdog? — I’ve already bought a good watchdog.
Переведи на английский.
a) “Have you invited the guests for your birthday party?” — “Not yet. I am going to do it today.”
б) I and my sister have bought a lot of presents for our parents for New Year. Would you like to have a look at them?
в) “How many St. Valentine’s day cards have you got?” — “Not many. But I have already sent the cards to my friends.”
а) Be careful! The Smirnovs have bought a giant watchdog.
б) “Have you joined the Zoological Society yet?” — “Not yet. I am going to do it.”
в) “Have you ever been to the wild animal’s park?” — “No, I have never been there.”
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