Биболетова Enjoy English – 5-6 класс – Часть 5 – Рабочая тетрадь

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Прочитай слова. Составь пары рифмующихся слов.
Mind — guide;
adventure — picture;
musician — politician;
garden — modern;
interview — statue;
library — century;
good — rude;
tree — free.
Выбери слова с общим значением.
1) City;
2) time;
3) occupation;
4) relative;
5) book.
Объедини вопросы и ответы.
1) Have you been to the Russian Art Museum in St. Petersburg? — No, I haven’t.
2) Did you take part in world tennis champion-ship? — No, I didn’t.
3) Would you like to visit the Tower? — Yes, I would.
4) Could you help me, please? — Yes, sure.
5) Has your little brother been to your school? — No, he hasn’t.
6) Has your History teacher told you about the Battle of Trafalgar? — No, she hasn’t.
Заверши диалог.
A. Have you ever been to the Kremlin?
В. No, not yet.
A. It’s a famous place of interest. It’s worth seeing.
B. Will you go to the Kremlin with me?
A. Let’s arrange the day and the time, then.
B. We shall meet tomorrow at 3 o’clock.
A. OK. Bye, then.
B. Good bye. See you tomorrow.
Задай вопросы к предложению: Madame Tussaud’s has one of the largest collections of wax models in the world.
1) Which museum has one of the largest collections of wax models in the world?
2) Has Madame Tussaud’s one of the largest collections of wax models in the world?
3) What models has Madame Tussaud’s museum in its collection?
4) What kind of collection has Madame Tussaud’s museum?
5) Madame Tussaud’s museum hasn’t one of the largest collections of wax models in the world, has it?
Прочитай текст о MOMI еще раз. Заполни пропуски.
Everyone enjoy their visit to MOMI. In MOMI you can learn a lot about the history and magic of cinema and TV. Here you can find hundred of clips from films and TV-programmes. Visitors take an active part. Everyone can act in a Hollywood Western, or even draw his own cartoon film. You can also meet characters from the past. Visitors usually ask questions about the time of the past. It’s both interesting and good fun.
Здесь ты видишь несколько прилагательных для описания городов. Запиши предложения о любом городе, который ты знаешь. Используй все прилагательные.
London is an ancient city. It is a well-known capital of Great Britain. It is an interesting city for tourists. There are many famous museums in London. London has typical streets. There are many traditional buildings in the city.
Заверши вопросы. Используй предлоги: with, without, of, in, for, about. Запиши ответы.
1) What are Londoners proud of? — They are proud of their parks.
2) What are London parks full of? — They are full of trees, grass, flowers and water.
3) What can you take part in? — I can take part in the competition.
4) Who are the Royal Parks the property of? — The Royal Parks are the property of the Royal family.
5) What is Hyde Park famous for? — It is famous for its outdoor entertainments and its Speaker’s Corner.
6) What can anyone make his speech about? — Anyone can make a speech about something he believes to be very important.
7) What is St. James’s Park beautiful with? — St. James’s Park is beautiful with its trees and flower beds and view of Buckingham Palace.
Запиши вопросы к этим ответам.
1) What is the Bolshoy Theatre rich in?
2) What is any nation proud of?
3) What are students tired of?
4) What are kids full of?
5) What is any capital city rich in?
6) What are Oxford and Cambridge famous for?
7) What are you proud of?
Напиши объявление к предметам на картинке.
This hotel is worth living. It is very comfortable.
This book is worth translating. It is interesting to read.
This ice-cream is worth eating. It is very tasty.
This art gallery is worth visiting. There are a lot of beautiful pictures there. They are worth seeing.
These cassettes are worth listening. You will enjoy this music.
This lemonade is worth drinking. It is very tasty and cold.
Выбери правильный предлог.
1) Have you ever been to Boston? — No. I haven’t. Where is it? — It’s in the USA.
2) The Royal family lives at Buckingham Palace.
3) Which is the most famous bridge across the Thames?
4) Who takes care of his sick parents?
5) Yesterday I came face to face with my Literature teacher.
6) London parks are full of flowers, green grass and water.
7) Did you come in time to your grandfather’s birthday party?
Ответь на вопросы.
1) Yes, I do.
2) Yes, they are.
3) Stop, children.
4) The signs looked like a sweet on a stick.
5) They usually stand in the street.
6) Yes, they do.
Объедини знаки и их описания.
1) с;
2) а;
3) f;
4) b;
5) е;
6) d.
Дополни рассказ о Лондоне.
As you know, London is a capital of Great Britain. It is a mixture of old and new buildings and there is a lot to see and learn about. London is rich in places of interest. There are a lot of theatres, cinemas, art galleries, museums and parks there. Parks are free in the capital of the country. Londoners are proud of their parks and gardens. They are full of trees, grass, flowers and water. Hyde Park is famous for its outdoor entertainments and its Speaker’s Corner. Regent’s Park is beautiful with its boating lake and an open-air theatre, where in summer you can enjoy Shakespeare’s plays. You can see the famous fairy-tale hero, Peter Pan, in Kensington Gardens.
Объедини слова. Запиши их парами.
Many — a lot of;
well-known — famous;
author — writer;
novel — story;
real — true;
make — do;
immediately — quickly;
everyone — everybody;
imagination — fantasy;
century — one hundred years.
Вставь предлоги: into, of, from, for, in.
S. Marshak is one of the most popular writers in our country. He wrote a lot of books for children. Lots of people enjoy reading his funny poems and clever tales. But did you know that Marshak was a good translator, too? He translated poems of famous British authors from English into Russian.
Задай вопросы к предложению: Defoe made his story so realistic that everyone believed it.
1) Did Defoe make his story realistic?
2) Why did everyone believe his story?
3) Was Defoe’s story realistic?
4) Who believed the story?
5) What did Defoe make so realistic that everyone believed it?
6) Whose story was so realistic?
Заполни пропуски.
Translator — to translate;
poet — poetry;
architect — architecture;
politician — politics;
driver — to drive;
builder — to build;
painter — to paint;
lawyer — law;
librarian — library;
businessman — business;
scientist — science;
actor — act;
musician — music;
traveller — to travel;
artist — art;
sailor — to sale.
Вставь пропущенные слова: know, was born, about, age, well-known, celebrate, died, the eldest, was fond, favourite.
Robert Burns, a well-known and popular Scottish poet, was born in 1759.
Burns was born in a poor farming family. There were seven children in it. Robert was the eldest. Robert read a lot. He was fond of reading.
His favourite writer was Shakespeare. At the age of 15 he began to write poems. He wrote about people and everyday things. Robert Burns wrote the words of the song “Auld Lang Syne”. Scottish people sing this song when they celebrate the first of January, New Year’s Day.
R. Burns died in 1796. People all over the world know and love his poems.
Заполни кроссворд. Составь слово из обведенных букв.
1) Shakespeare;
2) Lennon;
3) Agatha;
4) Doyle;
5) Darwin;
6) Tolkien;
7) Defoe.
Ключевое слово: England.
Вставь артикли: a (an) или the.
1) Stella takes care of people in hospital. She is a nurse.
2) When Ann was ill, we went to the hospital to visit her.
3) Excuse me, where is a / the town museum, please?
4) Would you like to be an actor?
5) We spent all our money because we stayed at the most expensive hotel in town.
6) Ron writes articles for a newspaper. He is a journalist.
Вставь the, если нужно.
1) Do you know the Taylors? They are a very nice family.
2) I think William Brown is the brightest student.
3) Can you play the piano?
4) I am afraid of dogs.
5) The First World War began in 1914.
6) Last year Jill visited Australia and the USA.
Прочитай слова в транскрипции. Запиши их.
Sight; university; novel; century; musician; scientist; ancient; royal; special.
Закончи шутки.
1) — Tom, did you tell the teacher that I helped you to do your homework?
— Certainly, Jane.
— And what did he say?
— He put me a bad mark and you got an excellent mark.
2) Teacher: Harry, your composition is good, but Dick’s is the same word for word. What should I think?
Harry: You should think that we are twins.
Запиши свою смешную историю или анекдот.
Should you have any questions during the exam, just raise your hand. This should cause enough blood to flow to your brain to answer it yourself.
Соедини вопросы и ответы. Выбери вежливые ответы.
1) — Would you like a cup of tea? — Yes, please.
2) — Let’s visit Michael. He wasn’t at school today. I think he is sick. — I’m afraid, I can’t.
3) — Do you know that M. Twain was a famous British writer? — I’m afraid, you are mistaken. I think he was an American writer.
4) — Could you tell me how to get to Buckingham Palace? — Sorry, but I’m not a Londoner. Let’s ask someone else.
Составь диалог.
— Would you like a cup of tea?
— Yes, please.
— Take some cakes, please. I cooked them myself.
— Oh, this is delicious.
— Would you like some more cakes?
— Oh, thank you. Just one more, please.
— Next time you are around, please, come to have a cup of tea.
— Thank you, I really enjoyed it.
Соедини слова и описания.
Sociable — fond of being with other people; friendly;
independent — not needing other things or people;
responsible — having the duty of looking after someone or something;
intelligent — a person with a quick and clever mind;
obedient — doing what one is ordered to do;
polite — having or showing good manners;
loving — feeling love.
Посмотри на картинки. Выбери одного из известных людей. Придумай и напиши о нем / о ней.
William Shakespeare is the greatest writer of all times. He was born in 1564 in Stratford-upon- Avon. He was a son of a businessman. William Shakespeare got a classical education. He married Anne Hathaway in 1582 and had three children. He worked as a playwright in the Globe Theatre in London. They say his hobby was hunting.
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