Биболетова Enjoy English – 5-6 класс – Часть 3 – Домашняя работа

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Поставь подходящее окончание, чтобы составить вопрос.
1) Linda will arrange the students’ exchange, won’t she?
2) Your parents were not at the cinema yesterday, were they?
3) Denis can play the guitar, can’t he?
4) We are not going to write her a letter, are we?
5) You have a lot of friends, don’t you?
6) Some members of his football team gave an interview to a youth magazine, didn’t they?
Ответь на вопросы.
1) Are you going to take part in the Russian- English students’ exchange? — Yes, I am. I am going to take part in the Russian-English students’ exchange.
2) Can I change my Russian money for English pounds, please? — Yes, you can. You can change your Russian money for English pounds.
3) Would you like to change your suit before you go to the theatre? — No problem.
4) Would you like to go to the cinema for a change? — With a great pleasure.
5) Did your father change his job last year? — No, he didn’t.
6) Could you give me change for one pound, please? — Yes, certainly.
Заполни таблицу.
happy (счастливый) – unhappy (несчастный)
friendly (дружелюбный) – unfriendly (недруже-любный)
usual (обычный) – unusual (необычный)
possible (возможный) – impossible (невозмож-ный)
dependent (зависимый) – independent (независимый)
known (знакомый) – unknown (незнакомый)
pleasant (приятный) – unpleasant (неприятный)
Дополни следующие предложения. Используй прилагательные.
1) A good engineer should be creative and bright.
2) A modern farmer should be independent and curious.
3) Members of a good family should be friendly and caring.
4) A real friend should be responsible and understanding.
5) If you like your pet you should feed it in time and go for a walk without.
Заполни пропуски.
1) A librarian is a person who gives us the books we need.
2) At present there are many people, who work with computers. Some of them write their own programmes. They are computer programmers.
3) When you have problems with your teeth you must see a dentist.
4) In any office you can meet a lot of office workers. They are usually dressed in dark suits and white shirts.
5) My mum helps sick people in the hospital. She works as a doctor / nurse.
6) Would you like to be a lawyer? If so, you have to learn a lot of laws and know about social problems.
Переведи на английский.
Независимый корреспондент — independent correspondent;
умное и интеллигентное лицо — clever and intelligent face;
сильный, но грубый спортсмен — strong but rude sportsman;
гостеприимная домашняя хозяйка — hospitable housewife;
добрый и общительный водитель — kind and sociable driver;
застенчивый клерк — shy office worker;
ответственный юрист — responsible lawyer;
творческая работа — creative job.
Сделай упражнение 21 в письменной форме.
In ten years time I am going to be a teacher. I would like to teach children to read, to count and to write. A teacher should be friendly, intelligent and creative.
Составь описание человека, которого ты любишь и уважаешь. Ты можешь работать по плану.
I would like to describe one of my friends. Her name is Kate. She is thirteen. Her family is not very big. She has got a mother, a father and a brother. My friend is understanding, serious and responsible. Kate likes English and History. Her hobbies are swimming and playing computer games. I love and respect my friend because she always helpes me. She is a real friend.
Запиши глаголы в ing-форме.
Ask — asking, arrange — arranging, go — going, play — playing, come — coming, stay — staying, say — saying, get (along) — getting (along), make — making, work — working, tell — telling, cook — cooking, listen — listening, take — taking, watch — watching, dance — dancing, do — doing, climb — climbing, sleep — sleeping, clean — cleaning, eat — eating, wash — washing, jog — jogging, sit — sitting, act — acting, knit — knitting, help — helping, correct — correcting, enjoy — enjoying.
Посмотри на картинки. Запиши ответы на эти вопросы.
Mother: Is John doing his homework?
Jane: No, he isn’t.
Mother: Is Dad working in the garden?
Jane: Yes, he is.
Mother: Is Nancy playing the violin?
Jane: No, she isn’t
Mother: Is Sparky sleeping?
Jane: No, it isn’t.
Mother: Is grandma knitting?
Jane: Yes, she is.
Mother: Is grandpa watching a football match?
Jane: Yes, he is.
Задай вопросы и ответь на них.
a) What are you reading? — I am reading a magazine.
b) What is she writing? — She is writing a letter.
c) What is he looking at? — He is looking at the computer.
d) What are they doing? — They are doing their homework.
e) What is Frank playing? — He is playing the saxophone.
Задай вопросы.
a) Timothy is going to school by bus. How is Timothy going to school?
b) My parents are discussing the TV programme. What are my parents discussing?
c) Our teacher is telling us a funny story. Who is telling us a funny story?
d) Tom and Jerry are flying to Britain. Where are Tom and Jerry flying to?
Поставь глаголы в правильную форму.
1) My naughty little sister is a good pianist. She goes to the musical school. She plays the guitar a little, too.
2) Listen! What is she playing? — It’s my favourite song.
3) John! What are you doing? — I am writing a letter to my English pen-friend.
4) Why are you crying? — I can’t do my Maths homework. It’s very difficult. Will you help me?
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