Биболетова Enjoy English – 5-6 класс – Часть 2 – Учебник

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Прочитай текст. Найди, где русские студенты остановятся во время своей поездки в Британию.
The group of students will stay with the families of children from the British school.
Дополни предложения.
1) Let’s arrange a meeting (a picnic, a concert, time) together.
2) I would like to be responsible for the educational programme (social programme).
3) I propose that you come for a month (visit me in June).
Добавь разделительные окончания.
a) It’s a lovely evening, isn’t it?
The sportsman runs very fast, doesn’t he?
It was a wonderful game, wasn’t it?
You will come here again, won’t you?
We could go there together, couldn’t we?
You know my family, don’t you?
b) You don’t need any help, do you?
She doesn’t speak German at all, does she?
Paul isn’t good at Maths, is he?
Your parents aren’t from Britain, are they?
Our match wasn’t interesting today, was it?
Your teacher won’t give you much homework for the weekend, will she?
Соедини вопросы и ответы.
1) You are in the fifth form, aren’t you? – g) Yes, I am.
2) He isn’t from Scotland, is he? – d) No, he isn’t.
3) They must work hard, mustn’t they? – e) Yes, they must.
4) Yesterday Steven met a group of Russian students, didn’t he? – a) No, he didn’t.
5) We won’t go abroad this summer, will we? – f) No, we won’t.
6) She was nervous at the lesson, wasn’t she? – b) Yes, she was.
7) Pam couldn’t stay after lessons, could she? – c) No, she couldn’t.
Ответь на вопросы.
1) You are in the fifth form, aren’t you? — Yes, I am. / No, I am not.
2) You don’t like picnics, do you? — Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.
3) You helped the old woman on your way to school, didn’t you? — Yes, I did. / No, I didn’t.
4) Your friend can’t drive a car, can he? — Yes, he can. / No, he can’t.
5) You won’t have a Maths exam this year, will you? — Yes, I will. / No, I won’t.
Составь предложения.
I am going to visit Great Britain.
I am going to miss lessons at school.
My friends are going to stay with English families.
Our head teacher is going to thank them for the invitation.
Barbara Grey is going to write an invitation letter.
Stephen Wooding is going to invite a group of Russian students.
We are going to arrange a school party.
Their parents are going to be responsible for a social programme.
Посмотри на дневник Барбары. Скажи, что она собирается делать на следующей неделе.
Barbara is going to give a call to Mr.Golovin at 10 a.m. on Monday.
Barbara is going to see the dentist at 3 p.m. on Monday.
Barbara is going to buy a present for Granny on Tuesday.
Barbara is going to write a letter to her Russian pupils on Wednesday.
Barbara is going to speak to Mr.Wooding about the social and educational programmes on Thursday.
Barbara is going to go to the school party (till late at night) on Friday.
Barbara is going to sleep on Saturday.
Barbara is going to visit her Granny on her birthday on Sunday.
Скажи, что ты собираешься делать на следующей неделе.
I am going to visit my friends on Monday.
I am going to buy a present for my little brother on Tuesday.
I am going to buy some books on Wednesday.
I am going to invite my relatives to the party on Thursday.
I am going to go to the school party on Friday.
I am going to clean my room on Saturday.
I am going to help my mum about the house on Sunday.
Еще раз прочитай текст упражнение 1. Исправь неверные предложения.
1) Barbara Grey is not going to visit Russia.
2) Stephen Wooding is going to invite Russian students and their teachers to London.
3) Local State School is going to be responsible for the costs of Accomodation, as agreed with the partners from Russian school.
4) Local State School is going to be responsible for a social programme.
5) The Russian students and their teachers are going to stay with the families of English children.
6) They are going to visit London in April.
Прочитай начало истории о выходном дне Мэри Поппинс. Скажи, что в этой истории есть типично английского.
Afternoon tea is typically British in this story.
Прочитай, переведи и выучи.
1) В какое время ты обычно приходишь домой после уроков?
2) Я надеюсь, ты прибудешь на станцию вовремя. Мне бы не хотелось упустить наш поезд.
3) Сколько раз мы встречались в этом театре?
4) Когда я впервые тебя увидел, я решил с тобой подружиться.
5) Увидимся завтра в это же время.
Ответь на вопросы.
1) When will the picnic start? — The picnic will start on the fourht of September.
2) What is Steve responsible for? — Steve is responsible for music.
3) What is Catherine responsible for? — Catherine is responsible for sandwiches and Coca.
4) What is Julia going to do? — Julia is going to make a special funny picnic birthday cake for Frank.
Прочитай полезную информацию, полученную русскими студентами. Узнай, что делают в подобных ситуациях англичане. Дополни таблицу информацией о том, как мы поступаем в России.
Выбери, что бы ты сделал(а) в следующих ситуациях.
1) You met your best friend after the summer holidays. – d) I would shake hands with him.
2) You went to the theatre with a nice girl. – c) I would hold the door open for her.
3) You met your grandmother who lived in the country and who had decided to visit you. – a) I would kiss her on both cheeks.
4) You left the birthday party. – b) I would say thank you.
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