Биболетова Enjoy English – 5-6 класс – Часть 1 – Рабочая тетрадь

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а) Впиши буквы. Прочитай английскую пословицу.
Little strokes fell great oaks.
b) Выбери русскую пословицу с тем же значением.
2) Терпение и труд все перетрут.
с) Почему твоя рабочая тетрадь начинается с этой пословицы?
The workbook begins with this proverb because it is important to learn English. We must speak English, read English words and sentences, learn English dialogues and poems by heart. It can be difficult but it is very useful.
Вычеркни лишнее слово.
1) British;
2) Christmas;
3) Language;
4) Last.
Составь слова.
1) Science;
2) History;
3) Drama;
4) Maths;
5) Information;
6) Physical.
Прочитай слова. Найди 3 слова со звуком [ð].
With, neither, this.
а) Прочитай названия предметов. Выпиши их.
At a British school: English Literature, English Language, P.E., Maths, Information Technology,
Art, Science, History, Drama, French, German, Drawing, Geography.
At a Russian school: English Language, P.E., Maths, Information Technology, Science, History, Russian Language, Russian Literature, French, German, Drawing, Geography.
b) Соедини предметы и виды деятельности.
Maths — work hard, solve difficult problems.
English — answer the teacher’s questions, translate texts, work hard, read interesting textbooks, learn poems by heart.
P.E. — work hard, run, jump and play.
History — study events in the past, answer the teacher’s questions, read interesting textbooks, discuss different problems.
Science — work hard, read interesting textbooks, answer the teacher’s questions, solve difficult problems, do experiments.
I.T. — work hard, learn how to use computers.
Art — draw and paint pictures.
Ответь на вопросы. Запиши краткие ответы.
1) — How long does a lesson last in British and Russian schools? — 40 or 45 minutes.
2) — What are the favourite colours for school uniforms in Britain? — Blue, green, grey and black are.
3) — Which is the first foreign language at schools in Britain? — French is.
4) — What other languages do British students study at school? — German, Spanish and Russian are.
5) — How many holidays do British students have? — 3 holidays.
6) — What are these holidays? — They are Christmas holidays, Easter holidays and Summer holidays.
7) — Do you wear a uniform? — Yes, I do.
8) — Would you like to wear a uniform? — Yes, I would.
Выбери правильный глагол.
1) с);
2) а);
3) с);
4) b).
Составь диалог. Поставь реплики в правильном порядке.
— What form are you in?
— I’m in the fourth form. And you?
— I’m in the fifth form. I see you are in a uniform. Do you like it?
— It’s OK. All students wear uniform in our school. What about you?
— Oh, in some Russian schools students wear it. But we don’t. Are there any new subjects in your timetable?
— Yes, there are some. I hope they will be not boring.
Прочитай слова в транскрипции. Запиши их.
Foreign, Science, Maths, language, subject, P.E., wear, Physical, Information.
Выбери слова со звуками [eɪ], [i:], [ɑ:]. Выпиши их.
[eɪ] nickname, great, Information, break, today,
[i:] please, read, teacher, she.
[ɑ:] ask, by heart, Drama, Art.
Подпиши предметы, которые ты используешь в школе.
Computer, workbook, dictionary, pen, rubber, felt-tip pen, ruler, textbook, sharpener, pencil, desk, chair, schoolbag, a box of paints.
Вставь слова: school, P.E., play, well, lessons, favourite.
I like to go to school on Tuesdays. We have two lessons of P.E. on Tuesdays. P.E. is my favourite lesson. I like to run, jump and play basketball. I can play basketball very well.
Вставь пропущенные слова.
We have English on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. At our English lessons we speak English, translate from Russian into English, ask and answer questions, copy new words, sing songs, play funny games and learn poems by heart. But our teacher gives us a lot of homework. I enjoy learning English at school. I don’t like to do homework. But on Fridays there is no homework. I like English lessons on Fridays.
Объедини выражения.
What will the English teacher ask you about today? — Maybe about holidays.
Who’s Jason? — Our new classmate.
Is she good at English? — Yes, very good.
Let’s go to school together. — OK.
What is her nickname? — No idea.
Hello! I’m Jason. — Nice to meet you. I’m Peter.
Составь и запиши предложения.
1) Му T-shirt is bigger than your T-shirt.
2) His homework is more difficult than her – homework.
3) My father is older than my mother.
4) Their workbooks are thinner than their textbook.
5) The road is longer than the path.
6) History is easier than Maths.
7) My new nickname is funnier than your nickname.
Вставь speak, tell или say в нужной форме.
1) On the first of September our teacher said: “You will wear a very nice uniform this year.”
2) What languages do you speak? — English and Italian.
3) Would you like to tell me about your summer holidays?
4) Don’t speak so loudly, please. I can hear you very well.
5) When I was a kid my grandmother told me fairy-tales every night.
6) Charles says that he likes new subjects at school.
Переведи с русского на английский.
1) Boys often run between the desks during the break.
2) My sister seldom gets bad marks.
3) We learn new things at the lessons.
4) Why do you ask many questions?
5) Don’t speak loudly!
6) Did you miss your old friends during your summer holidays?
7) In the fifth form we have six lessons every day.
Заполни пропуски глаголами в правильной форме.
Last weekend my mother and father went to the country to see my grandfather and grandmother. I was at home alone. I played computer games, did my Maths and foreign language homework, drew a nice picture for my Art lesson on Monday.
Soon I felt hungry. But there was nothing to eat in the fridge. So I went to the shop. I bought lots of food: it’s nice to be at home alone.
Next Sunday my family will go to their friends.
And I will stay at home again.
Напиши о своем первом учебном дне в этом году.
On the first of September I got up early in the morning. Then I had breakfast and went to school with my parents. It was my first day at school. I gave flowers to the teacher. I was happy to meet old friends. We had few lessons on that day. I got a good mark in Maths. We didn’t get a lot of homework. In the evening I was tired and went to bed at 10 o’clock.
Догадайся, какой у Джека любимый предмет. Реши кроссворд.
1) Learn;
2) Information;
3) teacher;
4) English;
5) run;
6) Art;
7) tell;
8) uniform;
9) recite;
10) explain;
Jack’s favourite subject is Literature.
Найди слова и выражения, противоположные по смыслу. Запиши их парами.
Late — early;
to take off — to put on;
left — right;
in the town — in the country;
to finish — to start;
usually — sometimes;
often — seldom;
to go out — to stay.
а) Прочитай, что Барбара Грей рассказывает о типичном рабочем дне.
Обычно я встаю в 7 утра. Я иду в школу. У меня бывает 5 или 6 уроков в день. Я учу 10-летних учеников. На уроке мы говорим на английском языке, задаем вопросы и отвечаем на них, читаем и переводим, играем в игры и пишем тесты. Я ставлю только хорошие оценки. Мои ученики не подсказывают на уроках. Я всегда уставшая, когда возвращаюсь домой.
Я готовлю обед для моей семьи. Вечером я не хожу гулять. Я смотрю телевизор и ложусь спать около 11 часов. Я всегда замечательно сплю.
b) Вчера у Барбары был типичный рабочий день. Напиши, что она делала и не делала вчера.
She got up at 7 o’clock. She walked to school. Barbara had 6 lessons yesterday. She taught 10-year-old pupils. In the lesson they spoke English, asked and answered questions, read and translated, played games and wrote tests. She gave only good marks. Her pupils didn’t prompt in the lessons. When she got home she was tired.
Barbara cooked dinner for her family. She didn’t go for a walk in the evening. She watched TV and went to bed at about 11 o’clock. She slept well yesterday.
Запиши 7 вопросов, которые ты можешь задать учителю на уроке.
1) May I water flowers?
2) May I open the window?
3) May I close the door?
4) Can I use my book?
5) Can I read the text?
6) May I sit down?
7) May I use Sasha’s pen?
Выбери правильные предлоги.
1) They invited us to London.
2) Who takes care of your pet?
3) Did you meet anyone interesting during Summer school in Britain?
4) In the evening my family likes to sit near the fireplace and tell stories or read fairy-tales.
5) What do you usually do at your science lessons?
6) Will you go abroad in October?
7) My best pen-friend from Britain.
Найди 8—10 глаголов по теме “Школа”. Выпиши их.
1) Draw;
2) read;
3) learn;
4) copy;
5) discuss;
6) mark;
7) write;
8) ask;
9) recite;
10) lesson.
Составь 5 предложений, используя эти слова.
1) I spent my holidays in the country.
2) Do you like to go shopping?
3) He didn’t go abroad last year.
4) Why did she miss your English lesson?
5) My friend always takes care of his cat.
Вставь предлоги in, from, of, about, to, for, with, где это необходимо.
Dear Harry,
Thank you for your letter. It was so nice to hear from you! I would like to tell you about my weekend in the country. Last Sunday I went to my grandma with my parents. We missed her very much. She lives in the country in a house of her own.
She was very glad to see us. I took a lot of pictures of my family and myself. In the evening we made a fire and sang old Russian songs. When you come here next time we’ll visit my grandma with you. Please, write about your weekend.
Best wishes from us all.
Your Maxim
Задай вопросы к предложению:
Mrs Grey described our students and showed our photos in her school.
1) Who described our students and showed our photos in her school?
2) What students did Mrs Grey describe in her school?
3) What did Mrs Grey do in her school?
4) Why did Mrs Grey describe our students and show our photos in her school?
5) Where did Mrs Grey describe our students and show our photos?
Вставь слова: at home, made, skate, holidays, skied, snowballs, enjoyed, fine.
I spent my winter holidays in the country. The weather was fine. I skied in the forest. My friend and I went to the river to skate. Sometimes we played snowballs and made snowmen.
When it was cold I stayed at home, read books, watched TV. I enjoyed my winter holidays.
Закончи предложения.
In July my parents and I went to Sevastopol. It’s a nice town at the seaside. The weather was sunny and hot. We swam and dived in the Black Sea. I enjoyed playing volleyball, basketball and tennis with my friends. We took a lot of pictures. In the evening we went for a walk and dance. I enjoyed my summer holidays.
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