Биболетова 4 класс – Unit 7 – School is fun – Test yourself 7

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Посмотри на рисунки. Напиши, что на них изображено.
It’s a ruler.
It’s a pencil sharpener.
It’s a workbook.
It’s a rubber.
Прочитай, посмотри на рисунки и впиши недостающие слова.
Hi! I’m Mag. Look at the photo of my classroom.
It’s big and nice. There are twenty desks, a teacher’s table, a big blackboard on the wall, a bookshelf with books, three dictionaries and a lot of textbooks, a TV and video in my classroom. We also have a tape recorder and a lot of cassettes.
We like to listen and sing songs in our English lessons.
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