Биболетова 4 класс – Unit 5 – Having a good time with your family – Section 5 – Writing at home

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Перепиши слова. Вставь пропущенные буквы.
Father, mother, sister, brother, daughter, son, grandmother, grandfather.
Составь предложения из слов.
1) Becky didn’t play puzzle yesterday.
2) I’ll ride my bike tomorrow.
3) My grandma got two letters yesterday.
4) They were in the country last summer.
Вспомни и запиши по-английски, что делали вчера члены твоей семьи.
Му mother cooked dinner yesterday.
My father wached TV yesterday.
My sister did her homework yesterday.
My brother played computer games yesterday.
Напиши о своих домашних обязанностях.
I always try to help my family. I do my bed in the morning. In the evening I wash the dishes. Sometimes I cook breakfast, Once a week I clean my room. I water flowers every week.
Заполни таблицу no образцу.
Смотри упражнение 19.
Смотри упражнение 23.
Составь из слов предложения. Запиши их.
1) Jane’s mother cleaned the rooms.
2) Did Jane help her mother?
3) She didn’t like to work.
4) Why did Jane’s mother go shopping?
Напиши время, которое показывают часы в сказочном лесу.
Ten minutes past three; ten minutes to seven; half past six; fifteen minutes past one / a quarter past one; twenty minutes past eight.
Помоги Джейсону написать сочинение о том, как он провел воскресенье. Дополни его рассказ недостающими словами.
Last Sunday I got up at half past nine. The weather was fine. I made my bad and helped my mother to lay the table. After breakfast I watered the flowers. Then I fed my fish and bird. At a quarter past eleven I went for a walk. I had lunch at ten minutes to two. Then I drew and played puzzles. My brother Steve repaired my bike. Now I can ride it. In the evening I watched TV. I went to bed at ten minutes past nine. I liked my Sunday.
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