Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова, 5. Rainbow English. Учебник. Unit 6. Step 5

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1) Mary;
2) Sofie;
3) Kate.
2) … Bob and Ken were getting on а / the bus.
3. … Rose and Wendy were playing badminton.
4) … Mr Barker was driving the car.
5) … Sally was walking their dog Chase.
6) … Mrs Barker was playing the piano.
2) … Lena was getting off the bus.
3) Kate and Polly were going (walking) to the shop.
4) … Alex was watching TV.
5) Victor and Boris were getting out of the taxi.
6) … Denis was painting a new picture.
2) It was raining in Paris at half past seven a.m. yesterday.
3) It was raining in London at a quarter past four p.m. yesterday.
4) It was snowing in Moscow at a quarter to three p.m. yesterday.
5) It was snowing in St Petersburg at a quarter to twelve a.m. yesterday.
6) It was raining in Vladivostok at half past six p.m. yesterday.
7) It was raining in Rome at half past three a.m. yesterday.
8) It was snowing in Arkhangelsk at a quarter to two p.m. yesterday.
1g; 2f; 3b; 4e; 5c; 6a; 7d.
1) language;
2) great;
3) talented;
4) cosmonauts;
5) neighbour;
6) scientist;
7) brave;
8) kind.
2) the Spanish language;
3) the Italian language;
4) the English language.
1c; 2a; 3b.
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