Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова, 5. Rainbow English. Учебник. Unit 6. Step 3

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Speaker one lives in Adler. Speaker two lives in Vladivostok. Speaker three lives in Smolensk. Speaker four lives in Murmansk.
1) Mother tells me that fresh fruit is good for children.
2) My friend tells me that she’d like to see Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world.
3) The teacher says that the territory of our country is very large.
4) People say that plants don’t grow very tall in cold climate.
5) Pupils in my class tell me that we are going to have visitors from abroad in our school.
6) The History teacher says that once Great Britain was a very powerful country.
7) People say that it takes more than one day to do a large city like St Petersburg.
Alice was speaking on the phone; Olga was getting on the bus. Kate and Nick were leaving; Andrew was buying; Fred was reading; Jane was writing; Susan was driving; Ann and Martin were riding; Margaret was singing.
1) the, the;
2) the;
3) the, —;
4) the, the, —;
5) —, —;
6) the;
7) the, the;
8) —, —;
9) —, —;
10) —, —.
1) Caucasus;
2) Pacific;
3) Far East;
4) Siberia;
5) Arctic;
6) St Petersburg;
7) Urals.
1) were playing, at half past six;
2) were doing, at a quarter to two;
3) was showing, at half past ten;
4) was reading, at a quarter past nine;
5) were buying, at six o’clock.
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