Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова, 5. Rainbow English. Учебник. Unit 4. Step 5

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1) true;
2) not stated;
3) false;
4) true;
5) false;
6) not stated.
Bob is an untidy young man. His hands and face are always unclean. He has an unsuccessful career. He lives in an uncomfortable flat. Bob is always unhappy.
1b; 2b; 3b; 4a; 5b; 6a; 7a; 8b.
1) Yura collects disks and stamps but Lena doesn’t.
2) People go to the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow to listen to operas and to watch ballets.
3) Lena goes to the Tretyakov Gallery because it is her favourite.
4) People can see Russian paintings in the Tretyakov Gallery.
5) Lena and Yura enjoy reading books.
1) aren’t there;
2) isn’t she;
3) aren’t they;
4) isn’t it;
5) aren’t.
1b; 2c; 3a.
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