Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова, 5. Rainbow English. Учебник. Unit 4. Step 2

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Mike has got a puppy. Kate has got a parrot. Vickie has got rabbits. Denis has got a goldfish.
1) Do they live in a cage or in a box?
2) Does your friend have a goldfish or a hamster?
3) Is this a parrot or a canary?
4) Would you like to have a kitten or a puppy?
5) Are they mice or rats?
6) Does he walk his dog in the evening or in the morning?
7) Does the parrot have a short or a long tail?
8) Is this goldfish white or red?
A. 1) Lucy is sleeping.
2) The birdcage is on the windowsill.
3) It is a parrot.
4) It is near the cage.
5) It is on the table.
6) They are in the fishbowl.
7) It is in the box.
8) It is feeding the fish.
В. 1) It is clever.
2) No, it isn’t.
3) Yes, it is.
4) No, it isn’t.
1) Puppies are wonderful to play with.
2) Rabbits are nice to watch.
3) Dogs are easy to teach tricks.
4) Kittens are fun to keep as pets.
5) Parrots are interesting to teach to talk.
6) Horses are useful to keep.
7) Dogs are pleasant to have as companions.
1 — cage; 2 — bowl; 3 — fishbowl; 4 — grass; 5 — seeds.
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