Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова, 5. Rainbow English. Учебник. Unit 2. Step 1

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Moscow, the Kremlin, Red Square, the Pushkin Museum, Alexandrovsky Garden, Tverskaya Street.
1) Russia;
2) France;
3) Great Britain / England;
4) Finland;
5) Spain.
1) took, played, ran, jumped, met, was, gave, had, thanked, drank;
2) decided, wanted, saw, didn’t have, had, began, played, went, read, wrote, ate.
Tried, decided, played, wanted, lived, hopped, travelled, skated, phoned, stopped, cried, married, hugged.
1) Pam did;
2) Ann did;
3) Ann did;
4) Pam did;
5) Ann did;
6) Pam did;
7) Ann did;
8) Pam did;
9) Ann did.
1. Jessica came to music school.
2. Jessica swam in the swimming pool.
3. Jessica spoke English.
4. Jessica made chicken.
5. She sang.
6. She sat in the armchair and watched television.
Came, made, drank, went, swam, were, decided, sat, made, spoke.
Travelled, stopped, tried, hugged, played, sang, swam, sat.
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