Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова, 5. Rainbow English. Учебник. Unit 1. Step 8

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1) beautiful, comfortable, sunny, dry;
2) have dinner, cold, weather, enjoy;
3) hot, warm, breakfast, afternoon, dinner, like.
1) The weather today is colder than (it was) yesterday. The weather yesterday was warmer than (it is) today.
2) The dinner table is higher than the coffee table. The coffee table is lower than the dinner table.
3) Autumn is rainier than summer. Summer is dryer than autumn.
4) Days in summer are longer than days in autumn. Days in autumn are shorter than days in summer.
5) My sister is younger than my brother. My brother is older than my sister.
6) The coffee is colder than the tea. The tea is hotter than the coffee.
The houses in London are higher than in his place. The streets are longer than in his place. The squares are bigger. The hotels are cosier than in his place. The cars are better than in his small town. The shop windows in London are more beautiful than in his place. The parks in London are more interesting than in his small town. The weather in London was sunnier than in his place. In the cafes he could eat better food than in his place. But soon he saw that the people in his town are more pleasant. When Ben was home from the capital, he was happier than in London.
1) met;
2) ran;
3) had;
4) went;
5) took;
6) saw;
7) read;
8) wrote;
9) gave;
10) began;
11) ate, drank.
A. 1) Do you often go abroad?
2) Do you travel in winter?
3) Does Alice like to visit her grandparents?
4) Does Bob often go to museums?
В. 1) Did Tom write a letter yesterday?
2) Did Bob eat his lunch?
3) Did you do your room?
4) Did Betty wash up after breakfast?
С. 1) Is Moscow the capital of Russia?
2) Are they abroad now?
3) Was John in Canada in May?
4) Were the Barkers in Scotland last autumn?
D. 1) Are there a lot of people there?
2) Is there a cinema in the place where I live?
3) Was there a bus stop in your street last year?
4) Were there many cars in the street?
a, b, d, e.
1c; 2e; 3a; 4h; 5d; 6b; 7g; 8f.
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