Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова, 5. Rainbow English. Учебник. Unit 1. Step 6

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1) F;
2) T;
3) T;
4) T;
5) F;
6) T;
7) F.
1) was, went;
2) is;
3) is;
4) visited, saw;
5) took;
6) meet, do;
7) run;
8) has, had;
9) visited, lives, is;
10) are.
Am, have, eat, drink, go, read, do, write, have, eat, drink, gives, go.
1) It is hotter in Rome than in Moscow.
2) It is foggier in London than in Paris.
3) It is colder in Novgorod than in Glasgow.
4) It is windier in Moscow than in Madrid.
5) It is frostier in Moscow than in New York.
6) It is rainier in London than in Madrid.
7) It is sunnier in Rome than in Novgorod.
8) It is cloudier in Glasgow than in New York.
1b; 2b; 3b; 4c; 5a; 6a; 7c; 8b.
2) The pink house is not as (so) big as the cinema.
3) The white car is as new as the grey car.
4) The blue car is not as (so) new as the white car.
5) Ken is as tall as Roy.
6) Bob is not as (so) tall as Ken.
7) Charles is as old as Don.
8) Charles is not as (so) old as Peter.
9) The green pencil is as (so) long as the red pencil.
10) The yellow pencil is not as (so) long as the green pencil.
11) Tom is as strong as Sam.
12) Dan is not as (so) strong as Tom.
3) The chair is as high as the bench.
4) The girl is as tall as the boy.
5) The green tree is not as (so) tall as the yellow tree.
6) The sitting room is not as (so) cosy as the bedroom.
7) The kitchen is as clean as the hall.
8) The garden is as green as the forest.
Wrote, read, did, went, played, finished, took, began, visited, saw, ate, drank.
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